sábado, 12 de mayo de 2012

La muerte más extraña de un colibrí / The strangest hummingbird death

This morning I went to one or our famous public libraries: The central bank library. It´s kind of close from my house so I decided to go there not that early, taking into account that it was pretty near.
I was very surprised because the guard was keeping something in his hand. I asked what it was (looked like a colorful napkin but also like an animal i couldn´t recognize from the distance) and the man showed me a terrible escene: it was a dying for his life hummingbird who was flying and accidentally hit the glass of the big courtain and door of the front side of the library. He told me that this had happen before many times. The hummingbirds get confused because of the glass and hit the door passing away instantly. This one wasn't dead though. It was fighting for his life but everything seemed in vain. His wings were static and his eyes were lost in some place between the reign of the living and the death things.

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